Building Your Own Computer: Is It Worth the Hassle?

When the time comes to get yourself a new computer you are faced with the options of either buying a computer already built, building your own, or upgrading the one you already have. This is a dilemma that people regularly face and there are good justifications for following each of the previously mentioned paths. This article attempts to weigh up the pros and cons of each option allowing you to make a more informed decision.

The first of the three options mentioned is to buy a pre-built computer from a retailer. If you hunt around you can always find decent looking deals that allow you to get a reasonable specification computer for not a massive amount of money. Choosing this option certainly at face value seems to be the easiest way to go. If you have no specific demanding needs for your computer then it may well prove to be a reasonable option in terms of getting what you need with minimal effort. Obviously if you are prepared to pay the money then you can get any level of performance computer already pre-built. The problem comes from the fact that it costs more money to buy a pre-built computer than it would to buy the parts and put it together yourself. This extra cost does obviously come with advantages in that you will get a warranty on your computer and at least some level of technical support. The quality of the technical support does vary from different suppliers however and you tend to find that the less you pay the worse the technical support that you will receive. Buying a pre-built computer may well be a good option if you do not want the hassle of building and troubleshooting your own computer.

The next option to examine is to build your own computer, which whilst a scary concept for most is actually a lot easier than you would imagine. The major benefits with building your own computer are that you can tailor the spec to meet your needs a lot easier. You can also create the computer that you want for significantly lower cost than if you were to have one pre-built. The downside to building your own computer is that you really do need to understand the basics of computers and the parts required to get the performance that you want. You also have to worry about compatibility issues between different components. You can easily find guides on how to build a computer so this should not prove to be too much of an issue.

The third option is to upgrade the computer that you already have. This will ultimately prove to be the cheapest options as there will always be some components that you will be able to reuse which will significantly reduce the overall cost of your new computer. You will still have to make sure that the parts you use are compatible with each other and you will also need to set the computer up yourself.

In conclusion it would be safe to say that the cheapest method of getting a new computer is to upgrade the one that you already have, and the easiest way would be to buy one that has been pre-built. As it is so easy to find guides to help you get your new computer built and up and running, I feel that the best way forward is to upgrade your old computer to the specs that you want, or to build a new one from scratch.

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